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Re: (ITS#5875) sparc64/gcc-3.3 build fix

On Dec 28, 2008, at 4:10 PM, hyc@symas.com wrote:

> manu@netbsd.org wrote:
>> Full_Name: Emmanuel Dreyfus
>> Version: HEAD
>> OS: NetBSD-4.0
>> URL: http://cvsweb.netbsd.org/bsdweb.cgi/~checkout~/pkgsrc/ 
>> databases/openldap/patches/patch-ad?rev=1.7
>> Submission from: (NULL) (
>> NetBSD's pkgsrc has a 5 years old OpenLDAP patch that address a  
>> build problem on
>> sparc64 with gcc 3.x (x<= 3). The build failure is caused by a bug  
>> in gcc.
>> I think it would not hurt to commit this patch in OpenLDAP CVS:  
>> everything is
>> guarded by macros, so it cannot cause any harm to unaffected  
>> systems, and the
>> workaround has been tested by NetBSD people for 5 years.
> Kurt will probably have something to say about this too - this is  
> more than a
> couple-line patch, it needs to be submitted by its original author,  
> with
> appropriate rights attributions etc.

On a technical note, use of platform macros (sun and gcc versions)  
should be avoided.  Instead, autoconf should be used to detect  
conditions for need to be adapted for.

On an IPR review, I suspect it would be easier to update to:

then to try to identify the contributors and get their "okay".

-- Kurt