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Re: (ITS#5872) slapo-cloak

manu@netbsd.org wrote:
> Pierangelo Masarati<ando@sys-net.it>  wrote:
>> I'd see this overlay more appropriate for contrib/slapd-modules right
>> now, until its functionality is considered of general usefulness, which
>> doesn't seem to be the case right now.
> Do you think an overlay in the contrib directory could have its --enable
> flag in top level configure?

> My feeling about the contrib directory is that it is some kind of evil
> swamp where things are much more difficult to automatically build for
> inclusion in a package.

I suppose so. I put my stuff in there when I don't consider it worth my effort 
to autoconf-iscate it. Things like nssov only work with Linux, so there's no 
point in adding the overhead. Stuff in there really is of too limited use to 
warrant the full effort of maintenance that the core code gets.

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