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Re: (ITS#5872) slapo-cloak

Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:

>> I'd see this overlay more appropriate for contrib/slapd-modules right
>> now, until its functionality is considered of general usefulness, which
>> doesn't seem to be the case right now.
> Do you think an overlay in the contrib directory could have its --enable
> flag in top level configure?
> My feeling about the contrib directory is that it is some kind of evil
> swamp where things are much more difficult to automatically build for
> inclusion in a package.

It is :).  However, I think only generally useful things should go into 
mainstream.  As such, I remember some overlays moving from overlays/ to 
slapd-modules/ and others moving the other way, based on their 
generality and usefulness.

For example, smbk5pwd should be in overlays/, given its usefulness, but 
it is probably not general enough.  Yours is general (i.e. not tied to a 
specific architecture or interoperation issue), but probably of limited 
usefulness (how many users would actually need it?).

That's my opinion, of course.  I suggest you start from contrib/ and 
then we'll vote for moving it to overlays/.


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