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(ITS#3429) schema download module


Le Sam 15 décembre 2007 04:31, hyc@symas.com a écrit :
> I was looking at this code in relation to current HEAD/RE24, and things
> changed quite a bit. Given the ability to dynamically load schema into
cn=config, is there still a need for this module? (It is in fact the
> made for dynamic schema manipulation in slapd that causes the
> compatibility
> issues with this module.)

I don't use this module anymore.  Dynamic schema loading would be useful
to replace it by allowing replication of schema.
In fact I see only a case where the module is still useful: when I want to
get automatically the schema of some directory which is not very
respectful of LDAP standards, for example by providing attributes without

Raphaël Ouazana.