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Re: (ITS#5265) back-ldif flunks test004-modify

h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no wrote:

test004 & test008: fixed (incorrect handling of file deletion)

> While I'm checking this - other tests that fail with back-ldif:
>   test027-emptydn [cannot slapadd to a database with suffix ""]


> Unsupported operations, I guess:
>   test016-subref


>   test017-syncreplication-refresh

works for me (in HEAD)

>   test025-limits  [didn't bump into server-side unchecked limit]

no notion of "unckecked" (should walk the tree to find out how many
entries are there...)

>   test037-manage

manage not supported

> OK failure - compare fails because of entry order from ldapsearch:
>   test012-glue-populate


>   test026-dn

fixed (search results not sorted by DN, thus insertion order not
preserved by fs)

> test004, test008 and test017 succeed in 2.3.38.  Maybe the fix to
> ITS#4627 (back-ldif issues) was bad?

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