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Re: (ITS#5256) encoding of guide.sdf

ghenry@suretecsystems.com wrote:
> <quote who="dieter@dkluenter.de">
>> Hi,
>> the guide *.sdf files are UTF-8 encoded, but the online availeable HTML
>> files
>> seem to be iso8859-1 encoded, which leeds to display errors, an example is
>> part
>> 9.2.1.
>> ... proxyâ??s efficiency ...
> Is this something I can fix, or is it part of the doc build for the main
> site?

It's in the SDF source files, therefore something you should fix. I don't know 
what text editor you used on those files, but you should use something else, 
or use one that you can set to just ISO8859-1.

I can't think of a grep regex that will detect 8-bit characters, but you need 
to find them all and get rid of them.
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