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Re: (ITS#4758) valsort + dynlist can cause 100% cpu utilization causing slapd to become unresponsive

michael.heep@o2.com wrote:
> the following valsort + dynlist combination causes slapd to utilize 100% cpu
> time when issueing searches against parts of the DIT containing attribute-value
> pairs "created" by dynlist:
> overlay dynlist 
> dynlist-attrset                extensibleObject memberURL uniqueMember 
> overlay valsort 
> valsort-attr uniqueMember dc=o2online,dc=de alpha-ascend
> When run independent both overlays work flawlessly.
To be honest, I don't quite see the point in keeping sorted a set of 
values that by definition is dynamically built.  There seems to be 
contradiction between the two overlays that prevents them from being 
used together anyway.  If your intention is to partition a tree so that 
the intersection of data subjected to valsort and data subjected to 
dynlist is empty, then I guess the solution is to use the <attri> and 
<baseDN> parameters of valsort to exclude those entries that are 
subjected to dynlist.  If this is not enough, you could ask for an 
enhancement that turns the <attr> <baseDN> into a more general 
specification that allows increased granularity; for example, an attr 
and a filter, which incidentally could be specified by means of an URL 
so that base, attribute list, scope and filter can be present.


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