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RE: (ITS#4756) IPv6 Addresses are not supported in ACL peername

Given that the code (in aclparse.c) calls inet_addr() with the
peername.ip parameter, I can't see how it could will work with IPv6.

The only possible workaround is using a regex instead of ip type which
by passes the inet_addr() call.

I raised it as a bug since the latest version (as far as I can tell) is
meant to support IPv6 and there is no way that peername.ip does and
there isn't an alternative.

I asked the question regarding other ways to restrict access since I
noted that the documentation mentions TCP Wrappers and has a see also of
host_options(5) -- which does not exist, so I was hoping that some
advice might come while someone looked at the problem (if or when it was
deemed important enough).

Damon Groenveld 
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damon.groenveld@ca.com wrote:
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> There does not seem to be the ability to specify an IPv6 address in
the peername
> part of the ACL.
> Is there any other way to restrict access to a host IP address when
using only
> IPv6 addresses?

Software usage questions should be directed to the OpenLDAP-software 
mailing list. There is no indication of a bug here, most likely this 
report should be closed.

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