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Re: (ITS#4754) Allow a Consumer Syncrepl credentials= to be encrypted liek rootpw

ghenry@suretecsystems.com wrote:
> In 2.4 would it be possible to let the "credentials" setting under "syncrepl" in
> a consumer to be encrypted, and not plain text, like the rootpw can be?
Please don't use the ITS to ask software usage (or development trends) 

The syncrepl consumer acts as a client with respect to the producer DSA; 
as a consequence, to be able to perform simple bind, it needs to provide 
the credentials in cleartext.  Either you use a bindmethod different 
from simple (e.g. SASL) which does not require cleartext credentials 
(e.g. GSSAPI) or you'll ever need to provide cleartext credentials.

This ITS will be closed.


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