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Re: (ITS#4742) parameter unique_attributes and unknown attribute types

michael@stroeder.com wrote:
> It seems that slapd stops without configuration error message if unknown
> attribute types are set for parameter unique_attributes (slapo-unique). It would
> be nice if a descriptive message is displayed (like in other cases).
I think this occurs if debug is set to "config" or "-1".  However, it 
would be more appropriate to log configuration errors that result in 
failures at "any", so that whatever logging is set they show up.  For 
this purpose, many of the current occurrences of LDAP_DEBUG_CONFIG 
should be turned into (LDAP_DEBUG_CONFIG | LDAP_DEBUG_NONE), so that 
they show up when caught by tools with default logging (e.g. 
slaptest(8)), or into LDAP_DEBUG_ANY, so that they show up all times.  
I'd vote for the latter.

Cheers, p.

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