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(ITS#4736) writewaiter == 1 in connection_destroy

Full_Name: Aaron Richton
Version: 2.3.28
OS: Solaris 9
URL: https://www.nbcs.rutgers.edu/~richton/richton-20061106-backtrace.txt
Submission from: (NULL) (

 822         assert( c->c_writewaiter == 0);

Unfortunately writewaiter == 1, the assertion catches, byebye...

This happened earlier with 2.3.27 (see
https://www.nbcs.rutgers.edu/~richton/richton-20061023-backtrace.txt). Kurt
advised upgrading to 2.3.28, which was running when this caught today. See
https://www.nbcs.rutgers.edu/~richton/richton-20061106-backtrace.txt for the
2.3.28 trace, not that it looks all too different.