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RE: (ITS#3460) Adding LDAP statistics script to contrib directory

<quote who="quanah@stanford.edu">
> I'd like to see this script included as well.  There were two concern
> listed in the ITS:
> #1) Awaiting new version with proper copyright notice.
> #2) Need information about incorporated patches to ensure all who have IPR
> in this
> script have made appropriate license grants.
> I know #1 has been addressed.
> As for #2, I grant such a release for the work I've done on the script.
> Peter S, Dave, Peter M, Frank, and Todd, do you also grant such a release
> for the work you've done with this script? :)

Do you mind if I do some clean up on it?

Mainly Perl::Critic and Perl::Tidy. There's a few tests missing and
assumptions been made with opening files and system commands etc.

I'll have a patch tomorrow.

You can take it or leave it ;-)