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Re: (ITS#4723) SEGV in syncprov search

> I have no idea what t_delete is but it seems to be dying in your malloc 
> library. Assuming it's not out of memory, you'll probably need some kind of 
> malloc debugger (like efence) that can detect heap corruption.

Hmm, yeah. Out of memory is unlikely; the core is only a couple hundred MB 
on a dedicated 2GB box. t_delete is in the depths of the Solaris malloc 
implementation. I'll ask Sun if they can make anything out of "malloc(35)" 
causing a SEGV; doesn't exactly sound like documented behavior.

You're right that without a memory debugger it's tough to trust any of 
this. But it's also tough to run a memory debugger in production...they 
generally slow things down a bit more than I'd like.