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Re: (ITS#4719) Support for running slapadd/slapindex as a user

quanah@stanford.edu wrote:
>> OK for slapadd; for slapindex and other tools, what about using
>> user/group info from the file(s) itself?
> What file(s)?  Assuming this is a new (and only) index?  I guess the __db.* 
> files? or the id2entry file?  Just trying to see specifically where you are 
> going on this. :)
I mean: if slapadding a brand new db, -u/-g (but -g is already in use by 
glue stuff) is fine.  If slapadding/slapindexing an existing db, get the 
info from the existing file, if any, or from id2entry.bdb.  I'd use a 
specific option, though, and bail out if no definite answer can be 
gathered (e.g. -H means use ownership from file, -HH use ownership from 
file, or from id2entry.bdb if file does not exist).  Note that it would 
make sense to have the -HH behavior as the default...


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