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Re: (ITS#4715) proxy retries anonymously

hyc@symas.com wrote:
> The proxycache has nothing to do with the connections to the remote 
> server. That's handled by the back-ldap or whatever backend you're 
> using. Since you haven't provided any of the relevant config info from 
> your slapd.conf there's no way to tell what you're doing there.
> In fact your log shows that a Bind was performed on the retry, but it 
> was done anonymously. So it may be something as simple as a missing 
> config keyword (like rebind-as-user in back-ldap). Or it may possibly be 
> related to a bug in back-ldap's retry handling as Pierangelo mentioned 
> in his reply to you.
> There is no proxycache bug here. At the moment, without further details, 
> it doesn't seem there's any OpenLDAP software bug here at all.
I've made a couple of checks with re23 making connections timeout at the 
remote server's side, and retry works as expected.  As far as I 
remember, the retry issues I mentioned were essentially related to 
non-search ops, or to ops involving identity assertion.  Unless the 
poster of the issue can provide a clear way to reproduce his problem, 
there seems to be no evidence of a bug neither in proxy cache nor in 


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