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Re: (ITS#4702) out-of-memory on huge DB ?

Another day, another try.

Today I've tried the slapcat (32Bit) a 8 GB RAM solaris/sparc machine.

also this time I had:

core dumped

	ch_malloc of 16392 bytes failed
	ch_malloc.c:57: failed assertion `0'

allocation at coredump was

	  PID RSS     VSZ     %MEM    TIME     STIME    COMMAND
	29941 4164952 4168968 51.8    01:15:27 16:03:43 slapcat

It seems the famous 4GB allocation limit on 32Bit build ?

I will try the last shot, reloading a BD on a 64 Bit build;
but seems the 32Bit build, had no hope to finish the task :(