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Re: (ITS#4676) Incorrect replog format

--On Thursday, September 21, 2006 3:13 PM +0200 Daniel Mróz 
<beorn@alpha.pl> wrote:

> Dnia Wed, 20 Sep 2006 10:51:55 -0700
> Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@stanford.edu> napisaÅ?(a):
>> > It seems that replication log generated by version 2.3.27 doesn't
>> > include the 'replica: <hostname>' line, so slurpd yelds about 'not
>> > mine' records and replication doesn't work. If I manually add those
>> > lines everything works ok, till the next db alteration on master
>> > server. Replica configuration on master server:
>> Is this a version of OpenLDAP that you compiled yourself, or a
>> version shipped with a distribution?
> Shipped and vanilla OpenLDAP (both 2.3.27). No 'replica:' lines in
> replication log. I'm testing this by running 'tail -f' on log
> file defined in 'replogfile' directive. Every record starts with
> 'time:' line.
> But, the problem is solved. Documentation do not precise where the
> replica configuration block should be stored. I've placed it in global
> configuration section instead of database section. It's OK now.
> Maybe slapd could print a warning or error in such cases? Or slurpd
> could assume that if there's no 'replica:' line in a log, then it's
> instance is a default for all databases and process that request without
> an error.

Hi Daniel,

Please keep replies to the ITS list.  I'm glad you figured out what was 
done incorrectly, this ITS will be closed.

I will note that in slapd.conf(5) man page, the "replica" statement is 
listed under "GENERAL DATABASE OPTIONS", indicating that it is a database 
specific directive (as opposed to "GLOBAL CONFIGURATION OPTIONS").  So I 
think the documentation is correct.


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