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Re: Enhancement: again on Netscape style changelog (ITS#4656)

Thanks to you for your great job.

On 8/30/06, Pierangelo Masarati <openldap-its@openldap.org> wrote:

Thanks for the contribution. As soon as the IPR and related stuff are checked and approved, I'd take care of integrating your patch into HEAD code.

I have a few questions:

- what client software did you check your patch with?

I played with Novell IDM2, Novell IM3 and with Sun One Directory 5 (based on

- as far as I remember, some implementations also take care of noting
firstChangeNumber and lastChangeNumber in the rootDSE, along with the
attribute indicating what naming context is holding the logs.  I wonder if
absence, although not described in draft-good-ldap-changelog-04, would
interoperability with clients making use of che changelog approach.

I know that firstChangeNumber and lastChangeNumber are used by IBM Tivoli
Directory Server, I'm not sure if it's used in OID or other. I'm sure it's
not used in eDirectory.
In eDirectory with IDM the last changeNumer is stored in its ldap object
(with represent the connection to the ldap). In case of its absence they
start from 0.
If their absence compromise the integration with IBM Tivoli, or other
clients, it could be added in a second stage I suppose.

- could you provide a patch for the man page? We could either use the code
is, adding the related parts to slapo-accesslog(5), or register the
twice, one as "accesslog" and one as "changelog", and let slapd determine
style and the configuration syntax based on the overlay's name.  In this
case, a
slapo-changelog(5) man page would be more appropriate.

As you prefere. I can provide both the man. I don't know many about how to register the same overlay twice with different names. Can you point me to some example of this?

Ettore Simone