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Re: (ITS#4654) slapacl behavior seems suspect

After closely looking at the code, when running slapacl global access
rules do not get appended to each database specific rules.  In fact, this
only happens when backend_startup() is called with NULL argument, while
slapacl calls it for each database passing the database's pointer as

As far as I can recall, this occurred because one of the backends, namely
the one resulting from selecting for the DN passed with the "-b" switch,
is already started up when control is passed to slapacl.

I've fixed this by appending global access rules also when
backend_startup() is called with a non-null argument; maybe a better fix
would be to move this inside backend_startup_one(), unless I'm overlooking

The fix can be extracted from the CVS by running

cvs diff -u servers/slapd/backend.c -r 1.366 -r 1.367


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