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Re: (ITS#4645) play cleanup handlers when abandoning

ando@sys-net.it wrote:
> When an operation is abandoned, some backends (including the proxies) do not
> call any of the send_ldap_*() functions, so callback cleanup handlers don't get
> called.  This may lead to resource leaks and other side effects.  I've fixed
> this in back-{ldap,meta}/search.c, but there might be more.
2.3 code seems to leak heap-allocated bind callback under the above 
conditions; I'm currently trying to reproduce it with HEAD.  In this 
case, there seems to be no explicit abandoning in the proxy backends, so 
the issue should be related to the frontend only, and thus potentially 
affect all backends.  To reproduce, repeatedly start a huge amount of 
clients using slapd-tester (e.g. -j 256 with 16 threads only in slapd) 
configured to issue all operations typically requested by test008 and 
kill it while running slapd under valgrind.


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