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Re: (ITS#4562) slapd crash (syncrepl related?)

Sounds good. I've committed the patch to HEAD, pretty sure that we've 
identified the culprit.

Spicer, Kevin wrote:
> Hi Howard,
> I installed the patch last night and everything has run fine overnight.
> I mentioned before that the overnight archiving process that seemed to
> trigger the problem didn't always need to do anything when it ran.  As
> luck would have it last night was a busy night on the archiving front -
> so hopefully quite a good test.  Its certainly looking like it is fixed.
> I'll continue to monitor over the weekend and drop you a line on Tuesday
> (Monday is a public holiday in the UK) to confirm if all is well.
> Once again thank you very much for patching this so swiftly.
> Regards
> Kevin
> Howard Chu wrote:
>> Try this patch instead of the one I sent earlier.
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