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Re: (ITS#4531) hdb vs. search base

Donn Cave wrote:
>> Looks like some schema is missing, getting complaints about a 
>> "mailstop" attribute.
> Ah sorry, that's a mess.  Please try again - this one has
> been cleaned up and actually verified to build and have
> the indicated symptoms (on line at ldap://rufus01.u.washington.edu:289)

Interesting. Somehow this sequence has turned up a bug in bdb_idl_sort's 
radix sort algorithm. Switching back to the quicksort routine works though.

For the moment, edit back-bdb/idl.c and look for the "Quicksort" 
comment; it's preceded by "#if 0" - change the 0 to a 1 and recompile, 
that will take care of things for now. The radix sort was slightly 
faster so we'll want to fix it in the long run.

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