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Re: Patch to support configuration directories (ITS#4530)

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On 11 mei 2006, at 1:05, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

> I do that already without any such patch.
> You simply put
> include /path/to/file/with/acls
> in slapd.conf. ;)
I know. :-) Thought of that, but in this project we want to be able to 
automatically create some new subtrees and add replication- and 
ACL-configuration directives for them. And then I prefer creating a 
file that gets parsed automatically over having to insert some new 
rules into a file (not just appending them).

And by prefixing files with number they get loaded in the right order, 
like in most Unix things that do this.

IMHO this is cleaner than having to open a file, read it until some 
specific place in the middle and writing it all to a tempfile, then 
writing some additional content to that tempfile, and then copying the 
rest of the input file there, and then to rename the tempfile to the 
new conffile.

Wilmer van der Gaast.

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