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Reply to the Encrypted alert you are seeing.



My name is Gabriel Jimenez and I work for the Juniper Networks SSL-VPN team
and doing research on another case I came across this link. Basically the "
Encrypted Alert " you are seeing in the dump here is the Server is
requesting a certificate from the client machine this will happen using SSL
or TLS to a Secure Server or site what is happening here is the server does
not trust the client. You would see this from an SSL Dump from the Server
side provided you have the private key from the Server and its ability to
take a SSL Dump. In that dump you would see a failed certificate/handshake
between the two.  



Export the SSL certificate from the server with just the public key option
and import into the user's client machine's browser to its certificate store
and now you will create a trust between client and server and you should now
be able to make a connection. (Provided you also have the options for SSL
and TLS checked in your browser.) I hope this helps.


Best Regards,