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Re: (ITS#4415) cross-compiling impossible (ucgendat is executed, but is cross compiled) - reopening issue 4363

Howard Chu wrote:


>> Anyway, this type of error (trying to execute a binary for a different 
>> target) is quite common when cross-compiling.
> It seems something is wrong with the timestamps on your files, since the 
> default Makefile rules now don't even compile ucgendat, regardless of 
> native or cross compiling. Since up to date ucdata.c/ucdata.h files are 
> already provided in the source tree, you never need to run ucgendat.

Is it really so?

I just tried to compile 2.3.20 twice (native compilation and 
cross-compilation); uncompressing the sources to a new location each time.

In both cases ./libraries/liblunicode/ucgendat was created.

Tomasz Chmielewski