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Re: (ITS#4412) why require authentication for modifications?

Please direct software use questions to the openldap-software mailing
list.  The ITS is to track bugs.  The answer to your question is in
slapd.conf(5), which indicates appropriate means to circumvent perfectly
reasonable limitations.


> I think that the restriction imposed by OpenLDAP that anonymous users can
> never
> change the directory is arbitrary. I want to set up a shared address book
> in a
> small, friendly environment where simplicity is important. Having to
> remember
> yet another password for changing address book entries is something I'd
> like to
> avoid. If I grant write access to "*" and not "users", I'd like OpenLDAP
> to
> trust my judgement rather than effectively change my configuration file.
> Could
> this be changed in future releases? Thanks.

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