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RE: (ITS#3565) Programatic Insert Scaleability Problem (#2)

I just finished retesting my DB load with 2.2.26 - and it worked!  I didn't notice any significant memory leaks, and the performance remained more or less stable through the entire load.  And it didn't crash :) 

Thanks for letting me know about the bug fixes.  This bug can be closed.

For reference, I was able to load (programmatically from java - not slapadd) a SQL 2.1 GB database with ~2.5 million rows into a 10 GB bdb openldap database, (with heavy indexing) - in about 16 hours.  Previously, I had only been able to load about 10% of it.

Thanks for your expertise yet again.


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I believe this is fixed by ITS#3666.