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Re: (ITS#3684) ldapadd and ldapsearch cause slapd segfault


I cannot say I was able to construct a reproducible set of events. I 
even wrote some test scripts to simulate the essence of what initially 
did to no avail. After doing all this I was unable to recreate the issue (!)

I ended up memtesting the machine for 2 days, which also failed to find 
a problem.

I guess this could be just some strange event however my hunch leaned to 
syncrepl with multiple roots, removing and reading one those roots. 
Perhaps even combined with some dataset we are using.

Clearly unique to our particular set-up.

This can effectively be seen as closed. If I am able to create the 
problem I shall post a thorough report.

Many thanks for your time. Sorry it was a bit of a red herring.