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Re: (ITS#3709) slapd deadlock on DEL

I exercised the database in question quite a bit this morning, making
thousands of ADD/DEL operations. Unfortunately, none of these exhibited
the deadlock that I got in the batch prompting this ITS. So my hopes for
reproduction seem slim. Oh well...

I've had a few ITS's based off smells-like-deadlock conditions. They're
generally in production environments, so I don't want to leave them
hanging forever, but I can take a few minutes to use gcore, db_stat, and
anything else that might be interesting. If there was a list of these
interesting commands somewhere, I'd be glad to include them in the future.

On Sat, 7 May 2005, Howard Chu wrote:

> If you can reproduce this situation, it would help to see the output of
> db_stat -CA on the database environment at this point.