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Re: (ITS#3702) [devel] back-config and back-ldap should be slapcat'able

quanah@stanford.edu wrote:

>It should be possible to use slapcat to export your config database, and any
>"database ldif" defined database in your slapd.conf file.  Currently in head,
>slapcat will skip any "database ldif" definitions it finds.
>On a related note, I'm not clear how one would "slapadd" a slapcat'd
>"back-config" DB?
The possibility to slapcat (and, in principle, slapadd) 
back-ldap/back-meta is intriguing, but I'm not sure I see its usefulness 
in terms of cost/effectiveness.  In fact, there's very little difference 
in slapcat'ting or in ldapsearch'ing a proxied database, as the data 
would in any case be accessed via protocol.  In any case, adding tool 
hooks to get an entry via slapadd should be trivial enough to give it a try.


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