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Re: (ITS#3701) slaptest is too quiet

richton@nbcs.rutgers.edu wrote:

>Full_Name: Aaron Richton
>Version: 2.3.2beta
>OS: Linux
>Submission from: (NULL) (
>So, I've been running in circles, trying to use dynlist in (what I forgot was) a
>dyngroup setup. Now you'd think that a setup without overlay dynlist available
>would readily return an error/warning upon parsing "dynlist-oc groupOfURLs".
>No. You need -d 64 to see:
>slapd.conf: line 56: unknown directive <dynlist-oc> outside backend info and
>database definitions (ignored)
>Although I'm not personally sure I wouldn't like that "(ignored)" line to print
>out in all cases, I can understand the philosophy of ignore and continue.
>But slaptest? Surely that would point out my mistake? No. It happily prints
>"config file testing succeeded." The -d 64 is necessary, again, to get "unknown
>I'd claim that at least slaptest, and possibly slapd, should be a bit noisier
>and/or aggressive. (I certainly shouldn't have to turn on debugging to get the
>config checker to check the config!)
slaptest is intended as a tool that fails if the configuration would 
make slapd fail, without the need to bind to the listeners.

The "-d" switch is there and documented for the exact purpose of showing 
that specific bit of info.

I think the fact that unknowd directives are simply ignored is a legacy 
and cannot be removed without breaking too many things, but in fact an 
unknown directive should not be plainly ignored.   That's MHO (I've been 
fighting a long war against defaults...)

I think in your case the real error is that you didn't use the "overlay 
dynlist" directive; this, in the absence of the "dynlist" feature 
(because it was not compiled, or because the dynamic module was not 
loaded yet) would have triggered an error, instead of an ignore.

I don't personally think setting debug level to 64 by default would be a 
solution; this would require users that want the usual behavior to use 
-d 0 to suppress undesired logging.  Note that usually loading the 
schema implies some 500 lines of loging at -d 64, so any "ignored" line 
would be likely be lost most of the times anyway.


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