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Re: (ITS#3696) Determining server configuration at run-time (RFE)

> Well, the slap can produce timestamps at arbitrary precision
> (even at finer grained than their clocks... (as there is
> no requirement for timestamps to be more accurate than the
> clocks allows)).

Talking practically, I don't think we yet handle arbitrary precision
timestamps; I think there's a pending ITS on supporting them, but nobody
seems willing to working at it.

>>We could use a
>>monitorShadowTimeStamp for slurpd replication, which essentially echoes
>>the latest "now" as used in replog(), and a "monitorSyncReplCSN" for
>>syncrepl replication, which essentially uses the si_syncCookie field of
>>the syncinfo_t. Or use only the latter, and for slurpd replication turn
>>the timestamp into a CSN.
> In both cases, the timestamp should be locally generated
> (by the slave, not the provider).

Right.  Although a provider generated timestamp could make sense for
slurpd, it shouldn't be of any use.


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