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Re: (ITS#3696) Determining server configuration at run-time (RFE)

> At 10:19 PM 5/1/2005, ando@sys-net.it wrote:
>>Information about a database being shadow or not could be added to the
>>database entries.
> Adding a syncTimeStamp (or shadowTimeStamp) has been on
> my long todo list for ages.  The presence of this would
> indicate that the DSE is a shadow copy.

BTW, do you mean a regular timestamp, or a CSN?  The former makes sense
for slurpd, because that's all we have; the latter makes sense for
syncrepl, where the timestamp implies loss in precision.  We could use a
monitorShadowTimeStamp for slurpd replication, which essentially echoes
the latest "now" as used in replog(), and a "monitorSyncReplCSN" for
syncrepl replication, which essentially uses the si_syncCookie field of
the syncinfo_t.  Or use only the latter, and for slurpd replication turn
the timestamp into a CSN.


Pierangelo Masarati

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