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Re: slapd running in endless loop (ITS#3087)

> "Pierangelo Masarati" <ando@sys-net.it> writes:
>>> In my slapd.conf I have defined a monitor database and include
>>> back-monitor as module. When starting slapd in debugging modus
>>> (-d3)it runs in an endless loop while   creating overlays in monitor
>> I've recompiled with all the modules you're using.  I wonder if you
>> could send me your slapd.conf (of course cleaned up with respect to
>> sensitive info; leave any other part as is); since the problem appears
>> to be at startup, I don't think any test data should be required.
> Back from Berlin, I updated cvs and recompiled without modules and now
> monitor and proxycache can coexist.
> But I wonder what would happen if compiled with modules :-)
> I guess I will try it on Sunday.

I confirm that on different RedHat flavors I can run
with modules, significantly with back-monitor and
pcache overlay, without problems.  I suggest, in case
your problem persists, that you try to spot where the
loop occurs.  My hint is that you should look at
monitor_subsys_overlay_init() in back-monitor/overlay.c
where the backen loops over all overlays to find out
how many are present.


Pierangelo Masarati