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Re: slapd fails to stop (ITS#3090)

> Full_Name: Daniel Armbrust
> Version: HEAD
> OS: Redhat 9
> URL:
> Submission from: (NULL) (
> When I launch a slapd process on a database with a bdb backend (don't
> know if bdb is involved) it refused to halt unless I give it a kill -9
> (even if no client has ever connected).  With Ctrl + C it says:
> ....
> slapd startup: initiated.
> bdb_db_open: dbenv_open(/home/ldap/database/dbicd9BDB2/)
> slapd starting
> daemon: shutdown requested and initiated.
> slapd shutdown: waiting for 0 threads to terminate
> slapd shutdown: initiated
> And then it hangs.
> It also refuses to stop if I issue a simple kill command.
> This is happening with the code I checked out this morning, (while it
> didn't happen with the code I was testing from yesterday's HEAD)

I'm confused: I'm diffing the code in the past two/three days,
and I really can't see any difference that could induce such
behavior.  Can you try a db_recover in home/ldap/database/dbicd9BDB2/ ?


Pierangelo Masarati