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RE: 2.2.9 rel eng breaks limit checks (ITS#3085)

More limits problems:

Looking at limits.c lines 909-922 it appears that
	a) if the hard tlimit is set to -1 (unlimited)
and	b) a search comes with tlimit set
then the tlimit will be set to unlimited, instead of whatever value was in
the search request. The else from 918-920 should leave op->ors_tlimit alone.
Actually, the condition should just be combined into the test on line 922.

I think we need a verbal recap of the whole limits design, because it's not
obvious from looking at this code what is intended, or whether the code does
what is intended. I also think this code got into RelEng too soon, it hasn't
been shaken down at all yet.

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> Subject: 2.2.9 rel eng breaks paged results (ITS#3085)
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> This has broken nss_ldap with paged results. I have sizelimit
> set to 1500 in
> slapd.conf; nss_ldap sends enumeration requests with a search
> sizelimit of 0
> (LDAP_NO_LIMIT) and a page size of 1000, and gets
> from slapd.
> # ldapsearch -H ldapi:// -LLL -x -E pr=1000
> Size limit exceeded (4)
> If I turn paged results off all is well.