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Re: limits directive broken in 2.2.8 (ITS#3078)

> You are right. I've amended my rules to:
> # global limits.
> sizelimit 10
> timelimit 30
> and,
> limits dn.base="<specialDN>" size=none time=none
> and that works fine. Sorry to have bothered you.

Really no problem.  This code is becoming quite hairy
(my fault, I guess), and bugs are always possible,
even considering that there's little feedback about
these features (apparently they're not broadly used).
Its usage is also a bit hairy since there's no specs
for this (the specs allow implementation dependent
limitations, that's all), so the specification of the
limitations can be tricky, and change over time.

The recent changes I was talking about in previous
messages might unintendedly break something, so please
step in if you notice any problems or unexpected
behavior.  It is my concern that new features should
not break backwards compatibility unless strictly
required or highly desirable.


Pierangelo Masarati