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Index corruption (ITS#1650)

This sounds like a bug I have also seen (but not been able to repeat in 
a controlled environment). I believe
the bug may be in Net::LDAP! -- The problems went away when I started 
producing ldif from my perl-scripts
and used ldapmodify to do the actual ldap operations. I still see the 
bug now and again when I have used
Net::LDAP to modify the directory (not just when I have done large 
updates, which I no longer do using
Net::LDAP, but even after single updates).

I have never been able to pin this down since I can never be sure which 
index will become corrupted. In
"real life" I usually saw corruption for the objectClass index which 
might be explained by the fact the in my
case since the bulk updates consists of adding attributes and adding one 
or two objectClass values.

My question to the openldap core team is this: Is it worth while to try 
to debug this or are you almost done
with your new backend?

        Cheers Leif

PS You don't have do slapcat/slapadd to "fix" the problem. Running 
slapindex will work. However make sure
you have no write about to hit the server at the same time you are 
reindexing DS