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Mirror (ITS#1690)


Hereby i'd like to inform you that we're mirroring your site 
We mirror this site in hoofddorp, the netherlands on a dual-p2-400, 512 
Megs linux machine, connected through stm1.
site: ftp.easynet.nl/mirror/openldap
updates are daily.

Hope this is enough to inform you,


Diederik Damen - (Unix) Systems Engineer

Easynet Group Nederland BV
Siriusdreef 43-45, 2132 WT  Hoofddorp The Netherlands
PO-Box 2034, 2130 GE  Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
Tel +31 23 880 0088, Fax +31 23 880 0099
Email Diederik.Damen@nl.easynet.net