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Re: Missing error codes in slapd/backglue.c:glue_back_search() (ITS#1675)

I wrote:
> something (gs.err?) should be set to LDAP_<TIME/SIZE>LIMIT_EXCEEDED.


Howard Chu wrote:
> The goal was to never return a fatal error code as long as any one of
> the backends returns a valid result

I'm not sure that is correct.  rfc2251 §4.5.2 says:
                                                     Following all the
   SearchResultReference responses and all SearchResultEntry responses
   to be returned by the server, the server will return a response
   containing the SearchResultDone, which contains an indication of
   success, or detailing any errors that have occurred.

So apparently existing results _can_ be followed by an error response.
(And In LDAPv2, a serious error after some results should presumably
be reported as LDAP_PARTIAL_RESULTS.)