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Subtree search fails in Openldap 1.2.13???


I known that version 1.2.13 is historical, but I'm having a strange problem
with one instalation of this version that can't upgrade right now.

I had tried to find similar problems in the archive with no lucky, so if
someone have an idea please email mee ;)

1) First the environment:

* hardware: Sun SPARC Netra T1 200
* OS: Solaris 8 10/01 (Generic_108528-12)
* compiler: gcc version 2.95.3 20010315
* Berkeley DB: version 2.7.7, compiled with:

env CC=gcc CPFLAGS="-O2" ../dist/configure

* OpenLDAP: version 1.2.13, compiled with:

    LIBS="-lpthreads -lposix4" \
    CPPFLAGS="-I<path to db includes>" \
    LDFLAGS="-L<path to db libs> -R<path to db libs>" \

2) Now the problem:

The binary version of this compilation passed all tests in the test
directory and seems to work just fine. But when i tried to get all entries
from a sub-tree of the DIT, the server never respond... (like ldapsearch -s
sub -b 'ou=People, o=test, c=PT' 'cn=*')

And before you ask: yes, i had added the entries previous to the database
and I can get any entry direct using ldapsearch -s sub -b 'ou=People,
o=test, c=PT' cn=xpto. ;)

I tried to use ldbmtest with Tc command and it works fine on the first time,
but when I use the Tc command for the second time it generates a coredump.

I had tried to compile versions linked with -ltread, and without threads at

It seems to me that there is some problem in the code for traversing the
id2children file.
But i didn't use gdb yeat.

Does anyone have reported similar problems before?

Thank you,

-- Sergio Silva