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Re: modrdn on records under "" suffix (ITS#1173)

At 12:45 PM 7/7/2001, dave@tamos.net wrote:

>> The previous code would simply refuse the change, while in this case
>> it is treated as the addition of a new root (i.e. without parent)
>> entry, which can be modified only by the "root" dn.
>> This is not the behaviour you intended, however. What you meant was
>> to have a root entry with dn "". I don't think this is a good idea,
>> though.
>YEAH!  Your changes work for all the cases that I can come up with.  I
>don't need a "" dn anymore. hooray!

Just so we are clear.

There should never be an entry DSE (an object) whose name
is the empty DN within the directory.  The empty DN is the
root DSE (which is not an entry DSE).  Any attempt to
add or delete "" should result in an error.

If one is actually implementing the "root" LDAP service
(that is, is master the top of the LDAP system) then
a modrdn with newSuperior "" may make sense as this would
allow renaming of some entry to be a top-level entry.

It sounds like that's what's been done and if so, great.