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Re: strcat()->strncat() safety changes (ITS#518)

There are no significant copyright issues with this submission
and I do not have any specific objection to the patch [or
portions thereof] being applied by the committer [Ben, in this

At 09:29 PM 4/27/00 GMT, kunkee@neosoft.com wrote:
>Also, a number of those changes are unnecessary, and just add extra code.
>For example, when you start with a 255 char buffer, and you are squeezing
>extra spaces out, but definition you are not going to overrun that buffer.

As I haven't reviewed the code in great detail, I will leave it
to Ben's best judgement as to what to commit.  I will, however,
state that I believe it generally wise to write "safe" code,
even overly "safe" code (where it doesn't have a significant
impact on performance).