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Re: Broken Pipe Error

At 12:23 PM 4/8/00 +0530, Ch. Rama Krishna Prasad wrote:
>    I installed OpenLDAP-1.2.9 stable version . I  written one Client
>  In which i am calling
>    ldap_open( HostName,Port);
>   ldap_simple_bind(Ldaprecord,NULL,NULL);
>  then i am waiting for the result by issuing call
>ldap_result(LdapRec,msgid,0,0,&Result Record);
>  Some times i am getting the response sometimes broken pipe error
> can any one give me a solution to rectify that problem?
>  In broken pipe case the server is closing the connection before we are
>issuing ldap_unbind.

You likely should ignore SIGPIPE...  See ldapsearch.c for example code.