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Re: [ldapext] Unfinished business: password policy and VLV

John McGarvey wrote:

LDAP password policy and VLV (scrolling view browsing) are implemented
by a number of LDAP servers, more or less in accordance with now expired
drafts. Both of these extensions are quite valuable, and both now have
multiple independent implementations, but there are no corresponding
RFCs. Is there a plan to get these drafts back on track? It seems to me
that there should be.

While we're on the topic, the VLV draft is missing a feature to release the search context. E.g., in PagedResults if the client sends a control with PageSize set to 0 then the paging context is abandoned/released and no further results are returned.

The VLV spec is written from the perspective of using a persistent dedicated DB index to satisfy the requests, so it doesn't take releasing of resources into account. But it also doesn't *require* a persistent index for the implementation. In the case where a temporary/transient index is used, currently the only way to release the resources is by closing the connection, which is not very friendly. It seems that the tone of this discussion only went toward documenting current practice, but it would be nice to fix the flaws along the way.

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