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Re: "connections" (Was: protocol-22 comments)

Currently (from section 2):
The terms "connection" and "LDAP connection" both refer to the
underlying transport protocol connection between two protocol peers.
The term "TLS connection" refers to a [TLS]-protected LDAP connection.
The terms "association" and "LDAP association" both refer to the
association of the LDAP connection and its current authentication and
authorization state.

I propose we:
/s/LDAP connection/connection
/s/TLS connection/TLS layer (yes I know layer is redundant)
/s/association/LDAP association

This, at least is how I see it. There is the physical connection
(connection) and the LDAP association. Sometimes there is a TLS layer
protecting the LDAP messages on the connection.

Are these terms sufficient?


>>> "Kurt D. Zeilenga" <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> 3/12/04 11:03:49 AM >>>
I've been thinking a bit more about the different uses of
in the document. It seems that "LDAP connection" is used both to
refer to the underlying transport connection as well as the LDAP-level
connection (e.g., the layer in which LDAP messages are exchanged),
and that this is causing some confusion in the specification.