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Re: protocol-22 comments

>>> Hallvard B Furuseth h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no> 3/9/04 7:20:19 AM >>

>> 4.1.11. Controls
>> When an extension calls for a particular response control to be sent
>> in response to a request control, the response and request controls
>> are termed to be "paired".
>> (...)
>> The controlType field is the dotted-decimal representation of an
>> OBJECT IDENTIFIER which uniquely identifies the control, or the
>> request control and its paired response control.
>These paragraphs seem to imply that a request control may only solicit a
>response control with the same OID as the request control,
>and it cannot
>solicit two response controls (with different OIDs). I think that's
You're right, it is often the case that a request is paired with a single response which is identified by the same OID, but not the rule. Also, there are a number of control specifications that return one type of response control with search entries and a different one with the search result done, thus I don't think the use of the term 'paired' is helpful. I'll fix.