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Re: Distinguished values

Jim Sermersheim writes:
>>>> Hallvard B Furuseth h.b.furuseth@usit.uio.no> 3/15/04 11:12:10 AM
>>[Protocol] 4.9 Modify DN Operation:

> I note that Protocol is missing language regarding the scenario where
> newrdn should be the same as the existing rdn (when moving and not
> renaming).

Partly it does - but it seems all wrong to me:

>    - newrdn: the new RDN of the entry. If an attribute value in the 
>      newrdn does not already exist in the entry (either as part of the 
>      old RDN or as a non-distinguished value), it is added. If it
>      cannot be added, an appropriate error is returned. 

But the RDN - and thus the values it contains - is not part of the
entry.  Besides, this wording implies that the values in the RDN must be
identical to the distinguished values, not merely equivalent.  Maybe:

    - newrdn: the new RDN of the entry.  Attribute values in the new
      RDN that had no matching values in the entry (and thus did
      not exist in the old RDN), are added to the entry.

>>If an entry is renamed to cn=bar, may the server add the attribute
> Yes, but I doubt there are many that do,

Me too.