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Is the following something we ought to care about?

[Protocol] section 5 (Protocol Element Encodings and Transfer) says:

   One underlying service, LDAP over TCP, is defined here.

(It is defined in Section 5.2.1 - which, BTW, I think that section ought
to mention explicitly.)

I assume this means that one may define other underlying services too.
If such a service has the necessary security built in, the IETF
requirements for security services will be satisfied - by the service
definition itself, unlike if one deploys LDAP with IPsec.

Anyway, in this situation TLS might be both unnecessary and
inappropriate.  So circumstances where we currently require TLS ought to
only apply to services like LDAP over TCP which do not include security,
not to all services.

The same goes for DIGEST-MD5, unless we want
- to ensure that it is possible to maintain interoperability between
  this service and LDAP over TCP by setting up a gateway between them
  (assuming DIGEST-MD5 can always work through such a gateway, which I
  do not want to try to figure out),
- or to mandate an authentication mechanism which does not disclose the
  user's password to the server.

BTW, could one cheat and make "LDAP over IPsec" such a service
definition?  In particular, I wonder what "the implementation" would
consist of.  Maybe it would be just a normal LDAP implementation
which refused to run if not deployed with IPsec?