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The OpenLDAP Issue Tracking System can be used to report and track issues related to OpenLDAP software and documentation (including our web site). The system is used to report bugs and request features as well as to submit fixes and enhancements. Other useful pages:

Obtaining Issue Tracking System reports

Each Issue Tracking System report, as well as subsequent followups (submitted by email), are automatically forwarded to the OpenLDAP-Bugs mailing list. Information on how to subscribe (and unsubscribe) from the OpenLDAP-bugs list can be found at

Issue Directories

Directories are used to categorized issues to functional areas:

IncomingIssues needing to be categorized
Archive.*Archived reports
BuildIssues relating to the build environment including all platform (auto-)configuration issues
ContribIssues relating to contributed software packages
DocumentationDocumentation issues
DevelopmentDevelopment issues
HistoricalHistorical issues
Software BugsSoftware Defects
Software EnhancementsSoftware Enhancements
WebIssues related to the

Issue Notes

The notes field is used to detail conditions needed to progress it from its current state. As such, the notes describe the status of the issue. This field is volitile. Use replies/followups to record vital information.

Issue States

States are used to organize issue workflow:

OpenOpen (unresolved) issues that can be worked. Open issues may be placed in a number of directories.
Incoming issues are automatically classified as Open.
SuspendedSuspended (unresolved) issues which are pending for any number of reasons.
FeedbackIssues requiring feedback
ActiveIssues currently being worked on
TestIssues with testable solutions
ReleaseIssues with releasable solutions
PartialIssues with partial solutions released
ClosedClosed (resolved) Issues
AllPsuedo state for searching all issues
Not ClosedPsuedo state for searching active issues

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